Fbot botnet script

Fbot Villain or Hero? The Botnet That Destroys Crypto Mining Malware On Your Device

Is Karma finally hitting back at crypto miners who, for their own gain, design malware that negatively affects honest and hardworking people’s productivity by stealing resources from their devices?  The...

Bear Market Musings (2018 Q4)

Bear markets are a great time for developers like myself to focus on building the future of the industry. They’re also a good time for reflection once the madness...

A Case For Crypto: Nigeria Calls Back To $4.3B Corruption Case

Nigerian President Muhammad Buhari has issued a demand for $100 million in compensation for HSBC's alleged role in former dictator Sani Abacha's money laundering scheme. Abacha had ruled Nigeria...

Is The Energy Spent While Crypto Mining Truly Wasteful?

Many cryptocurrency critics actively discuss the amount of energy that Proof of Work (PoW) mining uses. However, some supporters of cryptocurrency make the case that the problem of cryptocurrencies'...

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