A Guide to Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency sphere continues to grab attention all over the world. Various types of investors are already thinking about placing their money on it and among these are people who are interested in Gold. For this reason, there has been a rise in the popularity of gold-backed cryptocurrencies.

Basic Details

It is just in recent years that gold-backed cryptocurrencies getting into the mainstream since digital currencies like Bitcoin is becoming known to the general public. The concept is that a certain coin would represent a value of gold. According to Lear Capital, there will be a third party entity that will be in-charged in storing the gold. The coins can then be traded by investors. With regards to the exact price of the coin, most likely it will be equivalent to the current gold rate. If the coin gets popular, its rate could rise, but if not, the value would stick to its value in Gold. This concept makes it a desirable option for investors.

Things to Consider

Historically, gold has been a reliable option as a form of investment in times of market uncertainty. For this reason, anything that has something to do with Gold is considered a reliable investment as well. And this includes investing in gold-back cryptocurrencies.

Now, even though it’s popular today, it does not mean that you should immediately dive into it as well. It is still very important that you learn more about it first. Do you know which cryptocurrency is best? Are you confident with your knowledge about cryptocurrency in general? If one of your answers NO, its best not to buy yet.

But, if you have already done some of your research, go ahead and invest in gold-backed cryptocurrency. Your first move would be to choose a crypto exchange platform where you can do your purchase. Be sure that it has been working for several years already and a reliable one based on user reviews.

Buying Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency

Before you can buy any of these gold-backed cryptocurrencies, first you need to have a stash of either Bitcoin or Ethereum. These 2 are the major cryptocurrencies today which is used when buying other types of altcoins. The important thing to consider is to go for a site/platform of the current cryptocurrency you own. For example, if you have Ethereum choose those Ethereum based gold-backed token for easier transactions.

In choosing the best exchange platform for you, consider how long would it take to set up the exchange. Due to the rising demand for crypto trading, some options could get several weeks. Go for those that are quicker, but of course, do not forget to still consider the credibility of the platform.

List of Some Gold-backed Cryptocurrency

  • Ekon
  • GoldFinX
  • Golden Currency
  • GoldVein
  • Anthem Gold
  • AssetBase
  • AurumCoin
  • AurusGold
  • Cyronium


Gold-backed cryptocurrencies continue to rise in popularity and a lot of experts expect that much more would join this market this year 2020. Though it’s true that it holds a good profit and a form of a stable investment considering its connected to Gold, you should still invest with due diligence. Do not make any uneducated investment especially when you are dealing with a large sum of money. Do your research well before buying.


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