AMFEIX Fund: The Pseudo-anonymous Blockchain Trading Fund Enriching Investors

Bitcoin investors who love to make covert investments can now invest their crypto holdings without any worries, thanks to The professional crypto trading site is the first one to launch pseudo-anonymous trading and is generating a lot of profits for investors. The firm has a team of crypto traders who are handling all trades for their investors and generating some enviable returns. With a paltry 0.02 BTC, investors can join the bandwagon and profit from the nascent cryptocurrency industry.

Tight Security of Funds

AMFEIX uses cold storage to keep any capital that is not trading safely. Since it is away from the internet, any attempt to access the funds often proves futile.

The firm trades only 30-50% of the pooled funds and in the most secure exchanges in the world. Such an allocation ensures that the firm does not overexpose its entire portfolio.

All investors who create their wallets on the AMFEIX platform are given a 12-letter seed key to protect them from any predatory attacks.

Pseudo-anonymous Trading

Unlike the conventional hedge funds, AMFEIX does not abide by KYC criteria when opening an account with them. With a wallet name and password, one is set to invest after getting the required seed phrases.

Flexible and Transparent Investing

AMFEIX acts like a hedge fund but doesn’t take commissions. Instead, the firm selects the best crypto-crypto and crypto-fiat pairings from which it invests in to make huge gains from volatile markets. The profits are then shared between the firm and the investors.

The firm uses a rational 80:20 ratio to split any profits made from investments. The traders pocket 80% of the gains made while AMFEIX takes 20%.

Investors who decide to terminate their contract with the firm can quickly and transparently do as they wish. Since there is no minimum investment period, investors who express an intent to terminate will receive all funds after 24 hours.

Moreover, the service shares its profits in BTC, thereby protecting investors from losing any earnings from translating the BTC to fiat. Every investor has a wallet that is updated regularly to show any transactions taking place for transparency purposes.

Incrementally Growing Capital

Investors who want their capital to increase can defer withdrawing their earning to allow for reinvestment of profits to grow capital.

Straightforward Withdrawal Procedure

Withdrawing earnings from is only a click away and, after 24 hours, an investor will have the funds deposited in his account.

24/7 Support

AMFEIX has a very responsive customer care team that responds to client queries across the world, in different time zones. With 24/7 support, investors can have their needs solved in a timely manner.

Rich Referral Program

The referral program offered by AMFEIX is vibrant and enticing to investors who want to increase their profits. By bringing a member to the platform, you will be entitled to receive 10% of the incomes that the member will make after a profit is shared.

Investors seeking the highest returns on their Bitcoins can use the AMFEIX fund, which will trade the capital with other cryptocurrencies. The fund is professionally managed, and its trading desk team is continuously researching new coins that will increase profitability.



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