Atlas Protocol (ATP), a new application layer protocol created for blockchain interactive advertising and marketing, has managed to raise millions of dollars for its development. The biggest investor in the project was Softbank China Venture Capital, followed by Baidu Ventures, and other prominent firms.

The new reports from China claim that Beijing-based Atlas Protocol has managed to raise several millions of dollars during a recent seed investment round. The contributions came from multiple organizations, including the well-known SBCVC, Baidu Ventures, Fenbushi Digital, as well as Danhua Capital. The investors remain convinced that the Atlas Protocol holds promise as an investment and future decentralized platform, as the project can bring numerous innovations to the way interactive advertising and marketing work within the blockchain industry.

What is Atlas Protocol?

Atlas Protocol, or ATP for short, is a new project that was the brainchild of a collaboration between xGoogler Blockchain Alliance and Nebulas Labs. Its goal is to create a strong technical infrastructure that would be capable of improving the interactive advertising space within the blockchain ecosystem. Additionally, the project is hoping to create a novel paradigm for interactive marketing.

The protocol is proposing the creation of a new media model that would become a part of the blockchain market. Its purpose would be to define standards of interactive marketing, as well as those among users, publishers, and advertisers themselves. Additionally, the project will be able to rank the value of onchain targets, as well as using tokens to enable value circulation.

The project’s co-founder, Duran Liu, stated that blockchain should be viewed as a value network. Nebulas Rank can provide an effective and secure way of measuring the value belonging to the multidimensional data within the chain. Atlas Protocol’s core algorithm works as an expansion of Nebulas Rank, and it has a potential to create a new marketing channel. The channel would be completely trustworthy, and it might even lead to defining the tokenized marketing frontier.

The protocol is also set to provide a service called ATP Smartdrop, which is already available as part of the Nebulas Incentive Program. It already delivered rewards in the form of tokens to over 100,000 individuals. Additionally, this is a first service app that was created on Atlas Protocol. As such, its goal is to prove the true potential of intelligent interactive marketing within the chain.+

The chairman of Danhua Capital, Stanford University professor Schocheng Zhang, stated that the proper development of a blockchain ecosystem cannot come without a capable, and even outstanding team. This is why the founding team of the project consists of blockchain and advertising experts.

The team consists of Nebulas Labs former leader, Duran Liu; FreeWheel Engineering’s former Director, Cheng Li; Nebulas’ founder, Hitters Xu; as well as Linked-Media’s founder, Ellen Wang. All of these individuals have had a lot of experience in the field, and have even worked at Google for years. Finally, the team has also hired Jeremy Zhou (Jie Technology’s co-founder and Google AdWords’ first engineer) as well as Ronghui Gu (Columbia University professor and CeertiK’s co-founder) to act as the project’s technical advisors. Atlas Protocol investment will also be followed by new additions to the team.

Investors Give their Full Support to Atlas

As mentioned, the SBCVC (Softbank China Venture Capital) has taken a lead in the Atlas Protocol investment. It was originally established back in 2000 and has been a leading company in the fields of managing private equity funds, as well as for capital investment ventures. The firm has had numerous successful investments, and their choices usually turn out to become some of the biggest enterprises.

Some examples of companies that this firm has supported include Taobao, Focus Media, and even Alibaba itself. SBCVC’s partner, Mervin Zhou, stated that the potential of interactive advertisement marketing is huge. According to him, this potential might completely revolutionize the blockchain era. Additionally, the Atlas Protocol has just as much potential to become the next big thing in the blockchain advertisement industry.

Other investors, Baidu Ventures, Fenbushi Digital, and Danhua Capital also pledged their support to the project. They all agree that Atlas Protocol investment might allow this project to achieve its vision and use blockchain tech to solve some of the biggest issues of interactive advertisement marketing today.


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