The new reports say that Audi and IOTA are entering a new partnership in order to explore the Tangle for the creation of a new type of ecosystem.

IOTA and Audi Denkwerkstatt, the carmaker’s think tank, have recently decided to team up in order to reach the new achievement – the creation of a permissionless mobility ecosystem. Thanks to this decision, the two will now go on a week-long Google Design Sprint.

The collaboration was officially announced on Wednesday, July 25. The announcement stated that it will include the creation of a prototype, exploration of IOTA’s DAG ledger tech, as well as gathering feedback from the customers.

The new partnership marks yet another case of the car industry developing an interest in IOTA. Only a month ago, the similar thing happened, when Volkswagen decided to try out Tangle in June 2018. The plan was to use this technology to create and distribute the software for vehicles over the air.

Even though this will be the first time that IOTA is partnering up with Audi, its team believes that there is a real possibility of a strong and productive relationship. In their blog post, the team has stated that this is the new way of working is a great example of how the carmakers choose to approach innovation. It also presents a great opportunity for the possibility of IOTA integration into an entirely new mobility solution. Not only that, but they will also get Audi’s assistance and expertise to lead them down this path.

Up to this point, Audi Denkwerkstatt (Audi ideas workshop) has been creating a great variety of different products. Not only that, but they also cooperated with various members from the digital ecosystem in order to create new business models for the company as well.

So far, Audi’s researchers have mostly been concerned with the issue of mobility. Even so, IOTA has a great many strong suits that the carmaker’s think tank might find very useful. The think tank consists of 15 members, all of which seek to find new ways to improve the security of data, finance, sales, IT sector, HR, and alike.

IOTA’s great momentum continues

IOTA claims that their tech is perfect for what Audi’s think tank is currently looking for. They released an announcement on their blog, in which they stated that their open source protocol can help with revolutionizing pretty much any business idea. As long as it relies on trust in data, safe machines to machine communication, scalability, and transaction settlement, IOTA’s Tangle can handle it.

As for IOTA itself, it is currently the 9th largest crypto as per LiveCoinWatch. It has experienced quite an impressive momentum during this year, at least so far. Now, it seems that the coin will continue to advance, especially after it entered partnerships with several large corporations. Additionally, various political bodies have also announced support and commitment to using IOTA’s Tangle.

The most recent announcement of this came from the Norwegian Bank, as well as from the UN. IOTA’s Qubic upgrade is an addition that the coin has been waiting for a long time, and is directly responsible for finally bringing smart contracts on board.


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