It is no secret that Bitcoin has crashed. Over the past year, retail investors have fled the nascent crypto sector en-masse, as BTC’s tumbles were proven to be a detriment to community morale.

But, industry insiders have still done their best to revive the declining level of interest and hype. Changpeng “CZ” Zhao of Binance recently sought to accomplish this through some much-needed ‘star power’, calling on the chief executive of Tesla and SpaceX to take up a crypto mantle.

Jack Dorsey Takes The Bitcoin Stage

The crypto community was treated to a great surprise last week. For those who missed the memo, Jack Dorsey, the chief executive of both Twitter and Square, took to his public Twitter account, followed by four million strong, to laud Bitcoin.

After accepting a Lightning Network transaction affiliated with a community initiative, the Trust Chain, the Silicon Valley guru remarked that he loved the idea of tipping marginal fractions of BTC for tweets, a feature which could only by enabling with the microtransaction-friendly Lightning.

Over the course of the next few hours, Dorsey made over 100 comments related to cryptocurrencies, noting that he holds “enough” BTC, he loves Tron (the movie, not the crypto), the iterations of BCH are “fakebitcoin,” and that he is hesitant to purchase Ethereum, among other things.

This statement of support comes after he took to Joe Rogan’s world-renowned podcast to state that he believes Bitcoin will become the Internet’s native currency in the future.

Dorsey’s pro-Bitcoin comments quickly rocketed to the top of social media. By the next morning, CNBC, Bloomberg, MarketWatch, along with a whole array of other mainstream outlets had covered his quips, cementing the idea that cryptocurrencies still hold relevance.

Is Musk Next?

Zhao, the aforementioned chief executive of Binance, wanted to replicate, even amplify Dorsey’s success with Elon Musk. And as such, the long-time industry powerhouse called on Musk to take a Lightning transaction just as the Twitter CEO did a week prior.

While Zhao’s efforts are to be acknowledged, as of the time of writing, Musk, who commands a staggeringly large Twitter audience, has yet to respond. But, that’s not to say that the South African legend hasn’t shied away from talking Bitcoin previously.

As reported by Live Coin Watch previously, Musk tweeted an image of a fan-created Japanese anime girl that was clad in Bitcoin merch. Alongside that message, he asked, “wanna buy some Bitcoin?” It still isn’t clear with the Tesla chief executive meant by that quip, but some believe that it was a message of support for the cryptocurrency.

On a different note, Musk was once impersonated by crypto Twitter bots so much that he called upon the help of Dogecoin’s co-creator, Jackson Palmer, to get help banning said bots.

There’s even an image of Musk holding a Bitcoin-related book floating around on the internet. Nobody knows if he liked what he read, or even if he read it at all, but some are adamant that there are evident parallels between the society that Musk wants to create and the raison d’etre of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and related technologies.

Title Image Courtesy of by Jp Valery on Unsplash


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