By many measures, Bitcoin and the broader crypto market have had a stellar week. Live Coin Watch thought it would only be right to compile some of the past seven days’ most pertinent/interesting news bits for you guys to read.

Bitcoin Sees Stellar Week

  • Jack Dorsey Doubles Down On Bitcoin Lightning Love: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey recently tweeted out the announcement of Tippin, a “game-changer application” that allows social media users on Twitter to get tips in Lightning Bitcoin for their quips. Alongside the posted link was a simple, yet strong message: “This is excellent.”
  • Elon Musk Thinks Bitcoin is “Quite Brilliant”: Elon Musk recently claimed that the  “Bitcoin structure was (is) quite brilliant,” adding that Ethereum and “maybe some of the others” have merit too. Musk did admit, however, that he isn’t too enamored with Bitcoin’s mining consensus mechanism, noting that it is rather energy inefficient.
  • Fidelity Investments Takes Up The Lightning Torch: Fidelity Investments’ crypto-centric arm, Digital Asset Services, publicly accepted a Lightning Network transaction. On Friday, the cryptocurrency branch of the Wall Street giant, which has approximately $2 trillion in assets under management, joined in on the multi-week Trust Chain fun, accepting a transaction for 3.64 million satoshis. For those who missed the memo, Hodlnaut recently took to his Twitter page to start an interesting community-run initiative. Through the medium of a tweet, Hodl divulged that he wanted Bitcoin users to start a chain through Lightning, whereas participants would send marginally more BTC with each so-called “hop.”
  • Google Adds ₿ On IOS Keyboard: In a sign of support for the flagship cryptocurrency, Google quietly added the “₿” symbol to its keyboard (GBoard) on IOS over recent weeks. It now appears when users hard press the “$”. It isn’t clear why Google made this move, or when exactly it occurred, but it shows that the Silicon Valley mainstay acknowledges the cryptocurrency as bonafide.
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 To Include Crypto Wallet: After months of rumors, Samsung unveiled its new flagship — the Galaxy S10 — at its Unpacked event. While the announcement was the same old, same old, with a flashy keynote, extremely extensive media coverage, and marginal (yet visible) improvements over last year’s phone, something caught the eye of crypto industry participants across the board. Per a press release, the S10 is built with “defense-grade Samsung Knox,” along with hardware that “houses private keys for blockchain-enabled mobile services.” Although the words “crypto” and “wallet” weren’t explicitly divulged, photos later leaked of an official application that accommodated Bitcoin and Ethereum.

And, of course, what would be Bitcoin update without a look at the market?

As of the time of writing, BTC has currently found itself up by 4%, pushing $4,150 for the first time in over six weeks. While some crypto analysts are still bearish, calling for a drawdown to sub-$2,000, many remain convinced that this sudden move to the upside is painting a positive short-term future for this nascent asset class.

Big up to Alec “RhythmTrader” Ziupsnys, as he inspired this article. 


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