Bitcoin is going to get a new home, spread across 3000 acres of Elko County, Nevada, the USA named Bitcointopia. Based on the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, this revolutionary city is the vision of Morgan Rockwell. He wanted to develop a technology-centric city much like Disneyland which is free from governmental restrictions and free from the clutches of traditional banking systems.

This city will have its official currency as Bitcoin and all the services, bills and commerce will be payable in Bitcoin. Moreover, the land is on sale in the city @ 0.5 Bitcoin per acre by BITCOT, the establishment behind the creation of this futuristic idea. The founder of this inventive idea, Morgan Rockwell believes that cryptocurrency is the future of the world and wants to show people a city, where true cryptocurrency adoptions take hold. With this innovative city, he will be offering the world a glimpse of the future, where the power lies with the people, away from the government, banks and other financials autocracies. For individualistic opinions check out on Facebook.

A New Country: United States of Bitcoin

According to Rockwell, they are planning to make Bitcointopia a country within its own right, seceding from the United States of America. They are trying to build partnerships with technology-maniacs like Tesla, Google, Amazon for showcasing their products and do R&D without any government restrictions in this revolutionary city based on block-chain technology.

Here’s what the CEO of Bitcoin, Mr Morgan tweeted:

The main goal behind this idea is to create a better functioning, stable and unbiased community which works solely for the growth and progress rather than conspiracy and corruptions. This community will flourish on the basis of Bitcoin rather than old mobsters. Rockwell emphasis on three key points:

  • Technology: Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency will form the basis of the city, where everything will be technology driven.
  • Transparency of Government: Bitcoin will be the government of the country, where the power will lie in the hands of the people.
  • Sustainability: The city aims to acquire, redevelop and sell the land to prospective buyers who will become a part of the community.

The city is built with renewable energy techniques and will be according to the city standards of the modern era. It will also concentrate on rebuilding the mining in Nevada State in a sustainable manner, which will also be the major source of revenue for the city. Using Bitcoin, making Bitcoin and building Bitcoin is the foundation of origin of the unconventional city of Bitcointopia.

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