One of the biggest web browsers today, Opera, has just announced that is will launch a beta version of the new Android browser. This one, however, will have a special crypto-related addition – a built-in cryptocurrency wallet. Additionally, the reports claim that Bitmain browser has made a large purchase of Opera’s shares, but it is still unknown just how much of the shares is Bitmain now actually holding.

A Built-in Crypto Wallet Coming to Opera

Opera has decided that it is time to release a new version of their browser for Android and that this one will have a special addition. The new version of the browser is currently in its beta version, but the most interesting part is that it will come with a built-in crypto wallet. This is an excellent news for crypto enthusiasts that use Opera since it will mean that they no longer need additional extensions in order to work with digital coins via their smartphones.

This is not the first time that Opera has included a new crypto-related feature in their browser. Both mobile and web browsers have already received an anti-crypto jacking software, which has been present since January.

Now, the browser is adding an even better feature, which is the entire wallet. The wallet itself is simpler than most others, which will allow beginners to use it with ease as well. The users won’t even have to create a new password or PIN in order to use the wallet. Instead, Android’s secure system lock will take care of the security.

According to Opera Crypto’s Product Lead, Charles Hamel, including a crypto wallet in Opera’s browser will bring the cash experience back to the online world.

He said,

Paying with the Crypto Wallet is like sending digital cash straight from your phone, and we’ve just made it easier.

Obviously, this will open up an entire specter of new possibilities for various merchants, as well as content creators.

Opera Contributes to Web 3.0

As mentioned previously, the app is currently still in its beta version. Also, it currently supports Ethereum (ETH), ERC-721 collectibles, and ERC-20 tokens. Of course, there is a vast number of cryptos out there, and the developers do not plan to stop on just a few of them that fall under these categories. Soon enough, other cryptos will join the list, and the process might even start as soon as the testing is complete.

Additionally, the wallet will also support Ethereum Web3 API, which is hoped to encourage the creation of dApps. Opera seems to be quite proud of this achievement since it makes their browser one of the first big browsers to open up to Web 3.0.

Web 3.0 is a term connected to the vision of a decentralized internet, which consists entirely of dApps and P2P networks. Opera definitely supports this goal and wishes to contribute to it as much as it can. All of these concepts are what makes the future of the internet, and thanks to brave decisions like this, that the future is becoming more and more possible.

Bitmain Browser Purchases Opera’s Shares

Another Opera-related development includes a $50 million-large purchase of the company’s shares. The purchase announcement came from the Bitmain browser, but it has not received as much attention. Currently, it is not clear just how much of the shareholding will Bitmain obtain with this purchase.

However, what is known is that Bitmain browser holds a lot of market shares when it comes to Bitcoin mining equipment. It is currently unclear if the users will be able to benefit from this unexpected partnership, but it is certainly an interesting development.


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