Current State of ICOs

It’s safe to say the whitepaper millionaire sweepstakes have thankfully ended in the cryptocurrency industry. Sticking 5 former corporate dudes on a website and claiming that you’re going to revolutionize finance won’t work anymore.  (#giveus100million)

This is unequivocally a good move for the long term health of decentralized currencies.

There are still plenty of smaller teams trying to improve on UX and inclusions which need to be solved in order to foster mass adoption.

One project worth studying and researching could possibly be BLOC.MONEY. It’s founded by a French team who is putting an emphasis on delivering actual products.

NO ICO!?!?!?!

To our knowledge, they never launched an ICO and have just been doing what developers do best – writing code. The team has spent close to 6 months developing a technical foundation for a payment based cryptocurrency including:

  • Web browser mining
  • Desktop applications
  • And a sleek looking mobile app

They’re trying to take the shocking of building everything first and then garnering interest, which is a pleasant sight to see in these bear market times.

If these guys can build a blockchain without an ICO, why does your favorite crap coin need 40 million to do the same thing?

Could Small Crypto Projects Be The Future?

Raven Coin was recently listed on Binance and to our knowledge has never raised any of funds. In the end, the power of cryptocurrency development is in the hands of passionate engineers. $2,000 blockchain conferences and 5 star hotels with the same people every month isn’t going to increase cryptocurency adoption.

It would be crazy not to think that somewhere buried in the 1000-2000 ranks of Live Coin Watch that there isn’t a project filled with developers actually accomplishing massive strides in the industry. Think Google when Altavista and Yahoo reigned supreme.

You can check out the current Bloc Money price and learn a bit more about the coin on our site.


If you’re an investor, it’s your job to do the proper research now in these maturing markets. That means talking to the teams and doing cold hard research. Talk to the teams and form your own conclusions.

People who put in the hard work instead of garnering an army of robots following hype will end up victors in the long run. Remember – Ethereum was started by one kid. Results matter vs. fund raising in the long run.

Here’s a development table of accomplishments provided by the team to date:

Oct 5 · BLOC wallet for iPhone is available on the App store
Oct 5 · is now listed on Top 100 Cryptocurrencies exchange
Oct 5 · BLOC white paper is public
Oct 4 · Introducing innovative dashboard for cryptocurrency
Oct 3 · Introducing BLOC E-Commerce and Automated Services Solution’s (developer platform)
Sep 18 · BLOC Wallet Desktop mandatory update (wallet optimization, improved RPC commands)
Sep 18 · 3 official mining Pool online (North America, Europe, Asia)
Jul 30 · Hardfork #welcome in Haven (ASIC resistant)
Jul 10 . Flyboard world cup sponsoring
Jul 10 . BLOC listed on TradeOgre
Jun 1 . Translating the BLOC ecocystem to French, Russian, Chinese
May 29 . BLOC Wallet bot + BLOC explorer BOT
May 24 . Bountry program launched
May 23 . BLOC Javascript web miner
May 22 . BLOC wallet for Windows, Mac and Linux
May 22 . BLOC explorer
May 22 . BLOC is lanched



If you want to know more, you can check out Bloc Money’s Website or contact them on Telegram.

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  1. A great team with a solid project. They have future plans and are striving towards them everyday. They are always ahead of their roadmap.


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