Blockchain Suggested For Vaccine Data Storage After Chinese Pharmaceutical Scandal 

Chinese pharmaceutical company Changsheng Biotechnology Co is now under investigation after production data for a Rabies vaccine has been falsified. Outraged mothers throughout the country have spoken out and are now too afraid to allow their children to be vaccinated. Blockchain technology has now been suggested as a possible solution to these issues, providing a more secure platform for recording, storing and validating vaccine-related data. 

Changsheng Biotechnology Co Under Investigation

On the third of July, 2018, the production of a Rabies vaccine from the Changsheng Biotechnology Co was halted. Li Keqiang, Chinese Premier, ordered an in-depth investigation of the pharmaceutical company after learning that documents regarding their Rabies vaccine were falsified. 

Keqiang announced that they would “crack down on illegal and criminal acts.” He continued to explain that they value the safety of the country’s people and will punish the lawbreakers who put the lives of these people in danger. Keqiang explained that the company would be held responsible for their actions, according to the appropriate laws that have been implemented within China’s legal system.

Changsheng Biotechnology Co has published a press release where they admitted to their guilt in this situation. The company also apologized for their actions and went on to explain that they are embarrassed. Company officials have agreed to give their full co-operation in regards to the internal investigation that was launched. The document is available online, but currently only available in Japanese. 

All Rabies vaccines sold by the company has already been recalled. It was also announced that a DTaP vaccine distributed in 2017 had similar falsified data connected to it, which was only revealed during this investigation. 

Blockchain As A Solution For Preventing Future Fraudulent Events

After the widespread of the news regarding Changsheng’s investigation, the Chinese people went to social media to suggest reaching for Blockchain as a possible solution. Li Xiaolai, a top cryptocurrency trader in the country, posted an article on the WeChat platform as well, exposing the Changsheng’s company for what they have done. He stated that the entire health care system needs to open up to the idea of using blockchain.

Xiaolai explained how blockchain could be the solution to the issues that the country is now facing.

It has now been suggested that blockchain technology should be used throughout the entire vaccination “system” – starting at the manufacturing process and only ending with the person who received the vaccination. Data regarding each and every vaccination should be recorded, including:

  • Who manufactured the vaccine?
  • Who was responsible for the quality assurance procedures?
  • Where was the vaccine distributed to?
  • How much was the vaccine sold for?
  • Who received the vaccine?

Blockchain technology features a decentralized way of data storage. This would mean records cannot be tampered with. Companies like Changsheng would also not be able to falsify data regarding vaccines so easily. 

How Blockchain Would Solve Vaccination Issues

Blockchain would ultimately act as a transparent layer – allowing data to be made public. Several publications have reported that millions of mothers are now outraged about this matter that is currently under investigation. Furthermore, new data has also suggested that thousands of children might have received previous vaccines where data were also falsified.  

Parents are no longer sure whether or not their children should be vaccinated. With pharmaceutical companies falsifying details about the vaccines they are producing; the lives of children may be at risk. With recent advancements in blockchain technologies proving the efficiency of its use as a decentralized storage system, the health care system of China is now advised to consider implementing this technology. Blockchain would help to reduce the risk of fraud and would also allow parents to find out whether their children had been injected with vaccines connected to falsified information. 

Amna El Tawil is an experienced journalist with a strong background in financial writing. She is a cryptocurrency enthusiast and has been writing about digital currencies since 2016. When not writing, Amna can probably be found in bed with a book cuddling with her beloved Siberian Husky.


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