According to reports, the Center for Information Industry Development of China has issued the third ranking for 31 crypto projects. The results are slightly different this time, but the changes are not really very radical.

China Crypto Ranking Compares 31 Cryptos

China crypto ranking was done by Center for Information Industry Development (CCID), which has released yet another ranking of cryptocurrencies, which makes it the third one so far. The new ranking was issued only last week, and it includes 31 crypto projects.

They originally started with the ranking of only 28 cryptos back in May, but they added an additional two cryptos (Nebulas and EOS) in the following month. Another new addition (Gxchain) reached the list this month, and so China ended up with a rank list containing 31 cryptos.

Upon releasing the crypto ranking for the second time, it was immediately clear that China favors EOS, which was placed on top of the list. This has continued on this occasion as well, and EOS continues to dominate. Immediately after EOS, we have Ethereum, which is, again, the same as last time. Just like back then, NEM remains the last of the ranking cryptos.

Interestingly enough, Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) have improved their positions, albeit ever so slightly. Bitcoin is now in the 16th place, to which it came from the rank of 17. Bitcoin Cash, however, advanced to the 25th place from the 28th.

The fourth place was given to Gxchain, which is a decentralized data exchange based on a blockchain and is built on a pretty stable cryptocurrency linked to Yuan. According to its whitepaper, Gxchain’s goal is to close the gap between sources of data that are released by different platforms.

China Crypto Ranking Criteria

According to CENA (China Electronics News Agency), the China crypto ranking is actually based on the evaluation of the public chain and comprehensive investigation of three aspects. Those are the application, innovations that it has seen since the last ranking, and the chain’s basic technology.

When it comes to the basic technology aspect, it basically means that the CCID made an assessment of the public chain’s current technical level. This assessment includes the chain’s performance, functions evaluation, level of decentralization, as well as the strength of security. This is where China thinks that EOS is the strongest at.

Next, there is the aspect of the application, which is the examination of the public chain’s comprehensive ability to provide support for practical applications. These include wallet application, node deployment, support of development, as well as the implementation of applications. This is the aspect that Ethereum turned out to be the most dominant at.

Finally, there is the assessment of innovation, with the focus on constant new additions to the public chain’s open source code. This includes various things, like the updates that the code has received, the number of contributors, as well as the code impact. This is the aspect that saw Bitcoin as the clear winner.



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