Launched last month, the Curaçao-licenced Crypto Millions Lotto is looking to become a leading player in the cryptocurrency gaming industry, giving users the chance to play games and hopefully win some — or a lot of — Bitcoin. In fact, this new lottery site is already offering a $30 million jackpot that is payable in BTC or the U.S. Dollar.

What’s more, for new users, their first three plays are on the house — giving users a chance to win big for free, according to the promo’s terms.

Why Care About Crypto Millions Lotto?

If you aren’t attracted to Crypto Millions Lotto by its huge jackpot — which has a sum comparable to many lotteries run by established vendors in the Western world — the service has other attractions and amenities that may catch your eye.

Firstly, the site deals in Bitcoin, which should immediately be of interest to readers who want to use their BTC. With increasing friction in the fiat system, high fees and long transaction times with wires and plastic, the choice of Bitcoin is arguably a no brainer. The operators of the site, Ofertas365, have also established partnerships with Coinbase and Wirex, giving users of the lottery service a chance to purchase Bitcoin with traditional fiat mediums should they not own any BTC.

Secondly, this service is properly licensed, giving users the ability to access Crypto Millions Lotto in more than 120 countries the world over, save for those where online gambling is strictly prohibited.

And lastly and arguably most importantly, Crypto Millions Lotto claims to have gaming opportunities that are safe and fair. The jackpots and large cash prizes are backed by a Lloyd’s of London insurance policy through a Financial Conduct Authority broker based in the United Kingdom; the lottery’s results are based on the German National Lottery, which is televised twice weekly and has been in operation since 1955. 

Not Just a $30 Million Lottery

Crypto Millions Lotto isn’t just a place for lottery. The site offers slots and instant win games, which give users other ways to play with their Bitcoin on the site. These games, which are rather diverse in their selection, offer prizes up to six BTC although new games will be introduced that offer even bigger prizes.

Games aside, the site is relatively simple, easy to navigate, and not filled to the brim with flashy pop-ups as similar sites often are. There is also has a beefy FAQ section to answer any inquiries. Should users encounter issues, they can easily be put in contact with support through Live Chat or even by telephone.

The site also offers a referrer program, which gives its users (or even non-users) recurring commissions every time a player they introduce uses Bitcoin to play a game.


Crypto Millions Lotto is an up-and-coming gaming service for users of digital assets, sporting Bitcoin as its main currency. It offers a large jackpot starting at $30 million, whose results are based on an established and transparent lottery. The website of the service is also sleek, as is the sign-up process. However, it is unclear if the non-lottery games are provably fair.

To put it short and sweet, it is a fun lottery and gaming site focused on those that own Bitcoin.

This article has been sponsored by Crypto Millions Lotto. Investors and readers should do their own due diligence before using any of the platforms, digital assets, or services mentioned in this piece.