SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, Sept. 26, 2019 — Crypto Pro, a cryptocurrency portfolio app, has released an update to its iOS app, introducing several new features and expanding existing ones. Version 5.9.0 is optimized for the latest iOS and brings dark and light mode widgets, as well as support for more than 115 cryptocurrency exchanges.

The update will round off the already smooth user experience, making Crypto Pro an all-in-one stop for customers looking for a customizable platform to build, manage, and update their crypto portfolios.

iOS 13 Dark and Light Theme

Designed as an extension to the Apple experience, Crypto Pro understands the importance of being able to monitor all crypto assets in one place without sacrificing design.

Version 5.9.0 of Crypto Pro now enables users to choose between a dark and a light theme. The app can automatically follow the iOS system theme or users can manually select the theme they want in the app’s settings tab.

The color of Crypto Pro iOS widgets can be changed to match the overall theme of the app.

Users can also customize the Crypto Pro app icon by choosing between 16 different coin symbols, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. All icons are available in stock colors and a light and dark theme.

Support for more exchanges to simplify portfolio management

The latest version of Crypto Pro has extended the platform’s support for more exchanges and now enables users to pull their balances from over 115 different cryptocurrency exchanges.

Portfolio analytics was also extended, with Crypto Pro now offering premium users the ability to display hourly sparklines.

Stealth Mode, a feature that allows users to hide their balances shown in the app, can now be turned on by double-tapping on the Portfolio tab. Entering balances into the Crypto Pro Portfolio has been simplified and imports for Tezos, NEO, and GAS have been restored.

The double-tapping feature has also been extended to the Cryptos tab, where it will lead users to a list of their favorite cryptocurrencies.

About Crypto Pro:

Crypto, Inc is a California-based, privacy-oriented company focused on building a safe and secure ecosystem that will allow its users to track their crypto holdings.

Crypto Pro is a crypto portfolio tracker allowing users to monitor their portfolio, set price alerts, and read the latest cryptocurrency news. Created as a natural extension to the Apple experience, the Crypto Pro iOS app doesn’t collect any private data and stores users’ portfolios locally.





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