Is karma finally hitting back at crypto miners who, for their own gain, design malware that negatively affects honest and hardworking individual’s productivity by illegally utilizing computational power that isn’t theirs? 

The number of cryptocurrency botnets able to unsuspectingly infiltrate almost any device on the World Wide Web has increased dramatically. These bots go undetected for months while utilizing the processing power of PCs, TV boxes, smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other devices connected to the net in order to mine digital currencies, like Monero.

Yet, in a new twist of fate that pertains to this ongoing saga, it seems that there is a new kid on the block, which is a ‘vigilante’ crypto bot that may exceed your first impression of it.

Instead of making hackers rich, Fbot does exactly the opposite. The bot will reportedly search for malware and subsequently destroy it in a bid to take down selfish and unscrupulous crypto hackers. More specifically, the newly discovered botnet will track down devices with Port TCP 5555 open and look for com.ufo.miner scripts, which are a deviant of the original ADB.Miner malware.

If detected, Fbot will begin mounting its own over-the-top anti-malware program. Once installed, it goes to work removing the unwanted cryptocurrency mining malware from the host. It finishes the job by uninstalling itself leaving no trace of its visit, which is most likely the reason why we are only just hearing about this bot from Qihoo 360 Netlab; an investigative networks security company that lays claim to the recent discovery of Fbot.

The Designer of Fbot is Still Unknown

In another twist to this story, whoever designed the heroic Fbot has not made him or herself known. It seems no one wants to take credit for a job well done. There have been attempts to track down the creator, but these attempts have only led to a website that cannot be accessed using the web’s traditional Domain Naming Systems (DNS). There is a good reason for this it seems.

The domain in question can only be accessed using Emercoin’s decentralized EmerDNS. The way Emercoin has designed this service means that there is no way the domain can be suspended or revoked, which is a feature that appeals to many decentralists. Not only can domains remain untouched, but the sites featured on Emercoin-backed domains cannot be altered by anyone but the recorded owner who holds the domain’s private key.

Whoever designed the Fbot has made sure it is a permanent fixture. This is not an AI bot like when you learn how to create a chatbot, this is a bot that follows protocol to the letter without any AI needed.

This may or may not be good news. It is great because finally there is a bot out there that is on the side of honest, down-to-earth crypto enthusiasts. Conversely, it may just be another group of miners that are trying to eradicate the competition’s bots for their own ulterior motives.

Is Fbot’s Creator a Hero or Villian?

In most cases, if someone has designed a bot that is alleviating the internet of malicious scripts, then surely it is a chance to make a name for themselves. If not, then there are only two possible reasons why the person or group behind Fbot have opted to remain anonymous and due to encryption, as explained in Digitogy articles, as well as blockchain tech, there is little chance we will ever unveil the culprit(s).

  • Fbot is hitting hackers that use malware hard, resulting in the loss of millions in illegally-obtained crypto. To avoid repercussions the designer(s) have remained quiet and are just happy to help.
  • Fbot is clearing the way for a new breed of botnet that could create its own devastation in the future.

There does appear to be a strong correlation to the Satori botnet that terrorized Huawei, Realtek SDK devices, and . Satori was coded from the infamous Mirai IoT botnet that wreaked havoc on millions of devices. There is a good chance that Fbot is just the beginning of a more advanced malware script about to hit devices on the net.

All said and done, we can only but hope that this is just the kind gesture of a lone programmer or team that wants to hit back at and rid the net of unethical crypto miners. The issue now is if these bots a malicious in the long run, then using something like a vpn pour torrent service would not protect anyone from the virus because encryption alone is not enough to stop these kinds of bots.

My name is James Donaghue. I am an SEO freelance consultant and investor in blockchain technologies. I am a proud father, my hobbies include football (soccer), tennis, swimming, and cycling, and I also love travelling. Another hobby of mine is staying up to date with the financial markets - I used to work within the financial sector as an IT engineer setting up Reuters and Bloomberg market data feeds. During that time I learned a lot about the financial industry and came across the blockchain in its early conception. It wasn't until around 2015 I really started to take a keen interest in its development. Since then I have been studying the progress of the blockchain and investing in cryptocurrencies. I now contribute news, data, and reviews about ICOs, blockchain solutions, and cryptocurrencies regularly. I truly believe that disruptive blockchain tech will be an integral part of all of our futures. As such, I plan to continue following trends, breaking news, and the future development of blockchain solutions across all industries.



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