Goldman Sachs, one of the biggest investment banks, are constantly trying to demonstrate their support for cryptocurrencies. In the latest attempt to do so, the bank made a new hire and appointed a CEO that is known for his crypto-friendliness.

Goldman Sachs Crypto Friendliness Confirmed

In a new attempt to prove its support for cryptos, Goldman Sachs has decided that it is time to appoint a new CEO – one with a reputation of being a digital currency supporter. The choice for the position fell on David Solomon, New York multinational’s current president.

Solomon confirmed this statement and said that he will be taking over Lloyd Blankfein’s position starting October 2018. This announcement finally puts a stop to various speculation regarding Blankfein’s successor, and the result is more than convenient for the crypto market.

David Solomon has been a crypto supporter for a while now and has become known for always having a positive stance towards the industry. This has always made him stand out from other leaders of the traditional finance. Recently, there were even reports that Goldman Sachs and Solomon have been looking into the possibility of going beyond Bitcoin (BTC), and giving a chance to various altcoins.

Solomon stated that Goldman Sachs crypto enthusiasm inspired the bank to consider other possibilities. However, he pointed out that all parties are being extremely cautious when it comes to making this choice, and that they are trying to get their clients’ thoughts on the matter. After all, the entire point is to help the clients explore the other possibilities, and hear their wishes regarding this move.

Bitcoin Buyers are Stupid?

Goldman Sachs crypto exploration has seen by many as a pointless venture, and the attitude regarding cryptos has not improved much on the Wall Street. In fact, many influential figures continue to oppose the very idea of opening up to cryptocurrencies, especially when it comes to Bitcoin.

Not only are they against Bitcoin itself, but against the entire crypto market. This, of course, continues to vary, and some are slowly changing their stance, like Goldman Sachs itself. However, the large majority still holds their ground, and JP Morgan’s CEO is one of the best examples of this. Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JP Morgan has even stated that the crypto market and Bitcoin are stupid. He expanded this belief to also include all those who decide to invest in digital coins.

Even the current CEO of Goldman Sachs, Lloyd Blankfein, has made a comment saying that he is uncomfortable with the concept of the crypto market. He said that it is too unfamiliar to him and that anything can happen. Despite such strong opinions from such influential people, Goldman Sachs crypto enthusiasm remains, and the new development clearly shows it. Additionally, the fact that the crypto communities continue to grow indicates that not many would agree with the likes of Blankfein and Dimon.


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