A surprising event took place on the First Annual Texas Hold’Em Charity Poker Tournament when Kim Kardashian was publicly given her first Bitcoin (BTC). The social media empress received a physical copy of BTC token, which is expected to bring even more users to the number one crypto.

Kim Kardashian Becomes a Bitcoin (BTC) Holder

Trying to interest new generations in exploring cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology has always been one of the main focuses of crypto enthusiasts. The more users cryptos receive, the bigger the chance that they will enter the mainstream usage sooner. These efforts were just recently boosted by a surprising decision of Bloq’s co-founder, Matthew Roszak.

During the first Texas Hold’Em Charity Poker Tournament, Roszak gifted one of the biggest social media titans, Kim Kardashian, her first Bitcoin.

Kardashian was one of many celebrities that have hosted tables during the event, and it did not take long before photos of this gift ended up on her Instagram. Accompanying the photos, Kardashian also wrote “We moved onto Bitcoin”, thus effectively exposing the biggest cryptocurrency to her 114 million followers.

The KardashianCoin Concept

This is not the first time that Roszak made a connection between cryptos and the Kardashian family. In fact, he also mentioned them during a conference at Tedx San Francisco. The conference covered design, tech, and entertainment, and during his presentation, Roszak displayed the image of KardashianCoin. The point of this was to explain how every artist, brand, or tribe can successfully tokenize their economy if they so desire.

He also mentioned that tokenizing their economy could be a big change for everyone connected to it. He continued by calling Bitcoin ‘one of the greatest inventions of our time’, admitting that this is a pretty bold statement, considering that the technology is not even a decade old. Still, he believes that cryptos, and Bitcoin, in particular, can allow people to focus on mathematics, rather than institution or a personality.

The Future of Cryptos

Obviously, Roszak is quite supportive of cryptocurrencies, and he believes that it is only a matter of time before the tokenization of traditional assets takes place. Various factors regarding the cryptocurrency technology, like exchanges, wallets, and alike, have already largely improved. This is going to increase the adoption rate, since these technologies are now much more practical and efficient, compared to their early editions.

He expects that new networks will evolve from the current market and that their worth will eventually be measured in trillions of dollars. Still, he recognizes that the way to success is full of risks, but it still represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that should not be missed.

Various crypto enthusiasts, coin holders, and the crypto community, in general, have welcomed Roszak’s decision to gift Kim Kardashian with Bitcoin. While not many of them are actually fans and followers of the Kardashian family, they still recognize their influence. Kim Kardashian alone has over 114 million followers, likely teens who haven’t even heard of cryptos, Bitcoin, the blockchain, and alike.

This move will shed some light on these technologies for them and will allow them to educate themselves on what cryptos represent and how do they work. Eventually, Roszak’s move might bring thousands of new coin traders and crypto investors to the market, which is definitely something that cryptos desperately need right now.


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