Lambo Crashed By Bitcoin Entrepreneur

Funnily enough, the memes about Bitcoin investors being enamored with exotics (especially Lambos) seem to grow more accurate each day. Per ABC’s (of Australia) report, cameraman Andrew Laurence happened upon an accident involving a bright, neon purple Lamborghini worth approximately $500,000 while driving to work in London on an early Friday morning.

Despite Mr. Laurence’s speculation that the car could belong to a Premier League football player, due to a nearby practice pitch, Bitstocks founder and CEO Michael Hudson arrived to claim the luxurious ride hours later. Funnily enough, he seemed unfazed by the crash.

Hudson was later joined by celebrity car customizer Yianni Charalambous, who assisted him in retrieving his car while blocking the road with his own Lamborghini. In a Youtube video posted to a channel by influencer Charalambous, Hudson explained the cause of the accident in a remarkably calm tone. The video shows Hudson laughing at the incident while Charalambous downplays it all.

“Standing water, I was heading towards that pole over there, Prime directive don’t hit the pole — I just banked it.”

“This guy is the calmest guy in the world,” stated Charalambous afterward.

“Me, I’d be running up and down crying, but this guy is like ‘it’s just a car’.”

Charalambous specifically noted that the Bitcoin CEO had not been drinking while driving or driving at high speeds, and further lauded Hudson’s levelheadedness. Hudson and Charalambous both later posted about the incident on Instagram, with Hudson stating that he had a “bad day”, but the vehicle only suffered minor damage.

“Damage isn’t too bad and I’m sure she will be back on the road soon enough. Mainstream media articles are hilarious, apparently I’m on the run,” reads Hudson’s Instagram post.

Photo by Nathan Van Egmond on Unsplash


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