Yesterday, on August 7th, Ledger announced that its Ledger Live ecosystem will see the addition of eight new cryptos. The coins in question include Icon, Wanchain, Ontology, VeChain, Kowala, PoA, Particl, and RSK.

All of the mentioned currencies can be accessed through compatible third-party wallets, although these wallets will be required only for a brief period of time. They can still be installed on Ledger devices via Ledger Live, but they are not compatible with it as of yet. The wallet maker will eventually incorporate full support for them.

This new move came as part of the firm’s new initiative called First Tuesday Crypto. This is a plan that has optimization in mind, and each Tuesday of the month is to see new third-party device applications, according to the company’s statement.

The majority of these coins are ranked within the top 100 as per Livecoinwatch’s list, with the exception of Particl (PART) which is currently ranked 148th, with a price of $4.43, and POA, which is ranked 240th and has a market value of $0.099923 per coin.

VeChain’s (VET) price is $0.011563, and the coin is ranked 21st, while Ontology (ONT) holds the rank of 33, and has a price of $2.08 per unit. ICON (ICX) is valued at $0.8032 per token, with a rank of 34.

Additionally, the company published the Ledger Roadmap, which can be found on Trello. That way, its users can follow up on the company’s new developments and keep track of projects that they are interested in.

Recent Errors in Ledger Transactions

A recent bug in a new version of Ledger Wallet Ethereum Chrome App that appeared last week has caused a lot of trouble for Ledger at the time. The bug caused multiple transactions, including those involving Ethereum Classic, Ethereum, and all transactions involved with ERC-20 tokens, (64 in total) to end up being sent to static addresses by mistake.

Luckily, Ledger was quick to track down the bug and dispose of it. They have also notified the community, and have already started the process of returning the money to its rightful owners, transaction fees included.

Additionally, the company has requested that all those who believe that they might be affected by the bug contact them as soon as they notice any irregularities. The company’s support team is ready and waiting for all such contacts.


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