Following a disastrous season where games had to be frequently canceled due to weather conditions, the Major League Baseball (MLB) saw an alarming decline in attendance from fans. While fingers were initially pointed toward the weather conditions, management staff and directors noticed that the problem might be worse than they initially anticipated. 

Following the decline in fans attending baseball games, the MLB decided to take a chance on blockchain technologies to possibly win back some of the lost fans – and perhaps even gain more fans in the process. The Major League Baseball has announced plans to release MLB Crypto Baseball, a game that will run on a blockchain network and allow fans to buy avatars based on moments that happen within each of their upcoming games. 

MLB To Release Game Based On Ethereum’s Blockchain

Several reports are now circulating after the executive president of the Major League Football announced that they would soon be launching a new game that is based on Ethereum’s infrastructure. This announcement did not come as a surprise to many football fans. Earlier this year, the Sacramento Kings also delved into the world of cryptocurrency after announcing that they will be implementing Ethereum mining mechanisms. The baseball league decided to purchase mining rigs and have launched a program where Ethereum will be mined on their expenses, and proceeds will be handed over to charities that they support. 

MLB’s project was handed over to Lucid Sight, a startup company that specializes in decentralized applications that are based on Ethereum’s blockchain. While the game is yet to be launched, people who are interested in learning more about the game can watch a trailer and learn more by visiting the official MLB Crypto Baseball website. 

The parties involved with this project have announced that the game will allow baseball fans to purchase avatars, which can then earn them rewards and “power-ups.” Ultimately, these avatars will grow in value. Owners of the avatars can keep their collectibles as a way of remembering special events that have occurred in baseball, or they can put their avatars up for sale. Leaderboard challenges, legendary event collectibles, rare traits, and other surprises also await players and baseball fans upon the launch of this game. 

Inspired By CryptoKitties

After the initial announcement of the MLB Crypto Baseball game, Kenny Gersh, executive vice president of the MLB, mentioned that initial inspiration for this game came from CryptoKitties. The game was first launched in 2017 and was developed by a blockchain startup known as Axiom Zen. The game allows players to breed unique kittens and then either continue cross-breeding or put their kittens up for sale on the CryptoKitties marketplace. Over $25 million worth of CryptoKitties has been sold on the marketplace in less than a year. 

Gersh said that the Major League Baseball team was already talking about the idea of utilizing blockchain technology to their advantage through the development of a game when the CryptoKitties game was initially released, but it was only when this simple web-based game took off that they decided to go ahead with their initial ideas. 

A Developing That Will Continue To Grow

As the excitement surrounding the new MLB Crypto Baseball game continues to grow, fans and those looking forward to the game are advised to know that the initial release of the game, called “version 1”, will not be flawless. 

The initial experience may be challenging for individuals who are not yet acquainted with the Ethereum cryptocurrency, or with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies in general. The developers of the game announced that the first version would require players to buy Ethereum on an external platform, such as Coinbase, and transfer these coins to MetaMask, a browser extension that will manage their digital currency. Future releases of the game, however, are expected to provide an easier way for players to take part. 

Amna El Tawil is an experienced journalist with a strong background in financial writing. She is a cryptocurrency enthusiast and has been writing about digital currencies since 2016. When not writing, Amna can probably be found in bed with a book cuddling with her beloved Siberian Husky.


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