After getting extremely positive feedback from the crypto community, Opera decides to bring its Android-based wallet to PC as well.

Opera Crypto Wallet Now Built into the Desktop Browser

Only a month ago, Opera crypto wallet appeared for crypto enthusiasts who used this browser on their Android devices. Now, a month later, the company behind the popular browser announced that the wallet will also be integrated into the desktop version of Opera.

The Norway-based browser creator explained that the Opera crypto wallet will be coming to PC due to an overwhelmingly positive response. As such, its roll-out will tackle two large problems that its users were facing. The first one will address the need to install an extension, which was necessary in order t connect the browser and the wallet. Instead, all that the users will have to do is to scan a QR code via mobile, and the browser will be connected to the wallet.

The second issue that needed addressing is a matter of security. The secure system lock on the users’ phones is what Opera plans to use for storing the keys. That way, users’ fingerprint will be all that is necessary for signing transactions, while ling and complex passphrases will be effectively eliminated. Additionally, the keys will remain stored on the customers’ phones only, with no other copies existing anywhere else.

According to a statement from Opera Crypto’s Product Lead, Charles Hamel, the company’s decision to add the wallet to the browser directly has completely eliminated the need for separate apps and extensions. This is also a second big step that Opera took in order to bring us closer to cryptos going mainstream, as well as to Web 3.0.

Making Changes to Transform the Future

It should be noted that the wallet still only supports Ethereum (ETH), its ERC-20 tokens, as well as its ERC-721 collectibles. These will be presented to the user automatically, and are the only tokens that can be used for now. Still, Opera crypto wallet is still a fairly new product, and the company has plans to add support for more digital currencies in due time.

The decision to add the wallet to the browser is also a response to more demanding users, which has been a part of the company’s strategy for quite some time. This way, instead of having to add additional features through extensions, they are now built into the browser, to begin with.

Opera’s officials have stated on multiple occasions that the company wants to be a leader when it comes to browser innovations. Many of these changes and projects are very time-consuming, like the company’s next aim, which is to lead to mainstream crypto integration. Additionally, the company is a firm believer and a big supporter of the blockchain technology.

Opera’s Krystian Kolondra stated that the company believes that this tech has a potential to completely transform and revolutionize the future internet. The next several years will bring a lot of changes to the web as we know it, and it would seem that Opera wishes to be at least partially responsible for enabling those changes.


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