As the Yellow Vest movement has continued to ravage the political scene in France, a number of tobacco stores in the nation’s capital have begun to sell Bitcoin for Euros.

Paris Tabacs Offers Bitcoin For Euros 

On Wednesday, Reuters reported that along with cigarettes, cigars, lottery tickets, and other corner store staples, visitors to Paris Tabacs will be able to purchase Bitcoin for their Euros.

This integration, first activated in six stores, was supported by Keplerk, a fintech startup based in the nation. Eventually, (hopefully by February) Adil Zakhar, one of the pro-crypto firm’s co-founders, claimed that over 6,500 Tabacs will support purchase support for the leading blockchain-based asset (via a voucher system).

Zakhar explained that as many consumers find it “complicated to get BTC online,” an integration into trusted local tobacco shops is better than anonymous, often hard-to-use websites.

Perfect Timing!

Some have argued that Paris Tabacs’ adoption of the flagship crypto asset comes at a perfect time, as the so-called “Yellow Vest” (Gilet Jaune in French) movement has recently called for a bank run.

Per The Decentral, an activist going by the name Nicolle Maxime took to social media to rally individuals to withdraw money from centralized financial institutions. In the thirty-three minute video, the French national laid out his thoughts on the whole movement, while beckoning his fellow Gilet Jaunes to take more severe action.

While his thoughts were scattered, as he covered an array of topics in a rant-esque style, the key takeaway was that during “Act 9” (the ninth week of this movement), individuals participating should withdraw their assets from banks. Maxime explained that this would turn the tide in the Yellow Vests’ favor.

And while the activist didn’t mention Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, or blockchain specifically, the community surrounding this nascent innovation quickly picked up on his cries for a bank run. Users on the official /r/Bitcoin forum quickly expressed their condolences to the French people, adding that they would be happy to accept Frenchmen into the tight-knit crypto community.

Some lauded the Yellow Vests for their bravery, with one Redditor writing:

“The French have always been the tip of the spear when it comes to societal change and the humiliation of tyrants.”

Most importantly, optimists claimed that Bitcoin’s premise was right in line with the Gilet Jaunes’ raison d’etre, as Bitcoin could become an alternative banking system, a decentralized transactional medium, or a store of value, all things the activists are clamoring for.

Interestingly, earlier this week, Pascal Boyart, a French street artist and seeming supporter of the anti-government “war” in the European powerhouse revealed that a painting depicting Yellow Vests in a revolution-esque backdrop had a secret Bitcoin puzzle contained. The puzzle, which has yet to be solved, purportedly contains 0.26 BTC (~$1,000).

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