Madonna and Ripple (XRP) have just announced a new team-up with a goal of raising funds to provide Malawian children with loving homes and monetary support.

Madonna and Ripple partner up to make a difference

Only days after Kim Kardashian received her first Bitcoin, another pop culture icon has announced a plan to team up with a cryptocurrency. After launching an online fundraiser for the benefit of her foundation, Raising Malawi, Madonna has announced that the third largest crypto by market cap, Ripple (XRP), will be joining her cause.

The online fundraiser came as an event following Madonna’s 60th birthday, and Ripple has decided to match every single dollar that gets donated throughout August 2018. The partnership announcement came via Madonna’s Facebook, which also decided to support this worthy campaign by allowing the use of its own charitable platform.

Facebook also offered to collect the donations in Madonna’s name. They also promised not to charge any additional fees for the use of their platform. Madonna’s announcement says that she has an unwavering commitment when it comes to protecting children in need, and providing them with a loving home. In fact, she feels that there is no better gift that she could give for her birthday than to use her influence and charitable community to help those in need.

She continued to say that every dollar that gets donated will reach these children in the form of meals, uniforms, school improvements, as well as healthcare. With the help of her friends, supporters, and fans, she hopes to help the children of Malawi and let them know that there are people out there who are caring and willing to help. Finally, Madonna finished her statement by mentioning that Ripple (XRP) will match each and every dollar that the fundraiser receives.

Raising the Home of Hope

Facebook’s statement claims that the charity will receive 100% of the contributions and that all the money will go into creating the Home of Hope orphanage. The orphanage is to be located in a rural area of Malawi, which has the highest need for such an institution.

This is a big opportunity for Madonna and Ripple to make a large change in the world, and for Ripple to prove that cryptos can make a real, positive difference. Many believe that cryptos are nothing more than a way for some people to get rich overnight, but this partnership can show that digital currencies are much more than just that.

The Raising Malawi itself was founded by Madonna over a decade ago, in 2006. The goal was to help children in need find a new and loving home, provide them with healthcare, community development, education, and most importantly – a loving family. Now, shortly after the launch, the fundraiser received over $15,000 in donations.

According to reports, nearly a million children in Malawi are in need of help after they were left with only one parent, or with no parents at all. Large issues like AIDS have left these children vulnerable and alone, which is what inspired Madonna to try and make a difference in their lives by using her influence to help. The final goal of the fundraiser is to collect up to $60,000, and at the time of writing, the fundraiser already collected nearly half of that, with the current amount in donations being $27,639. Those willing to help out this cause can do it here.



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