The blockchain technology has become a popular trend and all set to create a revolution in the field of technology and financial domain. As a next smart move, the Swiss-based smartphone developers Sirin labs have decided to launch their very own blockchain smartphone.

The new blockchain smartphone is expected to launch in November this year. The smartphone will be equipped with excellent features to include cold crypto storage wallet, DApp store (multi-blockchain decentralized applications) and a Token Conversion Service (TCS).

The most existing feature is, this new blockchain smartphone namely Finney is priced at $1000 which is much cheaper compared to the market price of the smartphone released by Sirin labs in 2016, which amounted to $16000. The previous smartphone was more focused on privacy whereas the new one is developed by collaborating with blockchain technology to make it smarter.

To fund blockchain based smartphone project, Sirin labs raised an Initial Coin Offerings of $157.8 million of which $110 million was raised within 24 hrs of initializing the ICO during December 2017.

Public Reaction

The users of Reddit, however, have not reacted positively to the decision of Sirin labs as their previous smartphone was considered a failure. Reddit is of the view that the new project will follow the same path.

According to a report by Bloomberg, Sirin labs are planning to license their technology to other mobile manufacturers. The new smartphone Finney will run on SIRIN OS. Post the launch of blockchain smartphone; they have plans to launch a blockchain based personal computer.

Earlier the Chinese-based smartphone manufacturers Huawei sought the license for SIRIN OS to develop their blockchain-based smartphone which supports DApp.

Finney will prevent the users from connecting itself to an unwanted network through a multi-layer cybersecurity suite said Nimrod May, Chief Marketing Officer, Sirin Labs. The manufacturers of the blockchain platform are Foxconn Technology Group, a Taiwan-based company who are the manufacturers for Google, Apple, Cisco, Amazon and Huawei.

Nimrod May commented that Sirin labs have plans to open their own shops across multiple locations, majorly in Japan, the US and UK. In this context, this week, Opera web browser announced their Android users that they all set to release a beta version of Opera Web which includes a crypto wallet.

The expectation is that the efforts to make the blockchain technology smarter with blockchain smartphone will considerably improve the user experience and bring the much-needed transparency into the system.

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