In spite of 2018’s dismal crypto market, which has led the aggregate value of cryptocurrencies to collapse by 75%, this innovation continues to gain traction on a retail stage. Reports indicate that an Asian limousine provider, along with a world-renowned watchmaker, will accept Bitcoin (BTC) for certain products/services.

Insiders: Bitcoin To Be Accepted In Limos

According to those familiar with the matter, who relayed their information through Bloomberg, Remixpoint, a multi-faceted, Tokyo-headquartered corporation, is teaming up with Hinomaru Limousine to let the latter firm’s customers pay with digital assets.

The pay-with-crypto feature will reportedly start this month, allowing crypto users to ride with Hinomaru between Tokyo’s 23 wards and either the Narita or Haneda airports. More specifically, the anonymous insiders claimed that Hinomaru/Remixpoint will be accepting payments in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH), all of which have gained traction in the digital payments space.

Hinomaru’s experience in the transportation industry, with the company sporting 362 limos and 161 taxis to its name, and Remixpoint’s claim to fame as the operator of BITPoint, one of Japan’s 16 FSA-licensed crypto exchanges, will likely aid this unexpected venture.

If this crypto-friendly feature succeeds, the insiders noted that BTC, BCH, and ETH support may be rolled out to Hinomaru’s regular taxi services. Although the transportation provider is far from Japan’s biggest, this is undoubtedly a promising step in the right direction.

Meet The “BIG BANG P2P”

Speaking of the relationship between flaunting wealth and Bitcoin, Hublot, a world-renowned Swiss watchmaker household name, recently unveiled the BIG BANG P2P, which as its name implies, is integrally tied to the cryptocurrency industry (hence peer-to-peer).

Per an announcement from Hublot regarding the new watch, which was created to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the release of Bitcoin’s whitepaper, BIG BANG P2P will be limited to 210 timepieces (think the 21 million BTC supply cap).

Image Courtesy of Hublot

Like Hublot’s other timepieces, P2P will be crafted with precision and artisan care, and will be placed in a 45mm case made from “microblasted black ceramic.” The timepiece will come with an accompanying black/blue strap, which will be embossed with the word “Blockchain,” in an evident testament to the innovation behind Bitcoin.

The watch, which will cost $25,000 in BTC, and BTC only, will also have the Bitcoin transaction ID associated with the purchase engraved on its surface. Despite its lofty price, the timepiece isn’t anything special when it comes to luxury watches, so why buy it?

Well, some see it as a symbol of status, or crypto wealth if you will, while others see it as a collectible of Bitcoin’s earliest years. Nevertheless, Hublot’s foray into crypto will likely garner traction from this industry’s most affluent, who may already hold lambos, mansions, and yachts to their name.

The two aforementioned ventures underscore crypto’s growing use in retail payments, which many see as Bitcoin’s most notable use case, or at least at the moment.

Title Image Courtesy of Andre Benz on Unsplash



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