Over the past few days, the crypto market hasn’t fared too well. After a strong surge to $9,200 on the weekend, the price of Bitcoin retraced hard, falling as low as $7,600 on some exchanges, marking a drop of over 15%.

Traders lost a large sum of capital during this move lower, with data indicating that at least $200 million worth of Bitcoin long positions on BitMEX were liquidated during this over 10% move lower, while millions more were lost on other exchanges through simple paper losses or through liquidations on other trading pairs.

Despite the heavy volatility, there remain ways for cryptocurrency investors to play with their stack — if they are willing to take on the proper risk that is.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post; Wixiplay paid LiveCoinWatch for this piece.

Meet WixiPlay

Meet WixiPlay, the “greatest gambling experience.”

WixiPlay is a cryptocurrency gambling site that has processed over 1.35 billion bets, per its on-site data, offering thousands of users (who can sign up without email and the need to submit personal details for KYC) the ability to place their cryptocurrency on the line in a dice game, Keno, and in an on-site lottery. A brief description of the games WixiPlay offers follows:

  • Dice: Dice is WixiPlay’s flagship game, offering users the ability to put their Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies on the line for payouts from 1.01x to 9,990x through an easy-to-use UI. Unlike other sites’ dice games, WixiPlay offers two separate jackpots, allowing players to earn vast sums of Bitcoin if they roll 10,000 or 7,777 twice in a row.
  • Keno: Keno is a classic game that allows players to choose a handful of numbers from a set of forty. The site then rolls, allowing players to earn crypto if the randomizer hits a few of the numbers the user chose. Players can multiply their bet by up to 300x if all nine of their numbers hit.
  • Lottery: Lottery is WixiPlay’s flagship game. It operates like a traditional lottery, in which players choose a set of numbers to potentially match with the randomized roll at the end of the lottery period. The more numbers that line up with the randomizer, the more one can win.

Unlike some other sites, which do not give their players a fair chance to win, WixiPlay utilizes a Provably Fair system that “adds to the transparency of our games by verifying in  real time that each bet is mathematically fair and manipulation free.”

Indeed, through the “Fairness” button located on the top right of the site, you can actively verify the crypto bets you make, whether it be through the dice game, Keno, or otherwise.

A Swath of Crypto Assets Supported

One thing that sets Wixiplay apart from its competitors is its selection of accepted crypto assets.

According to our latest check, WixiPlay supports Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, meme cryptocurrency Dogecoin, community favorite altcoin Digibyte, and the company has its own Wixiplay token, which exists under the ticker WIXI. Although an already expansive number of cryptocurrencies, the company presumably has plans to add other digital assets.

What’s especially special about WixiPlay’s crypto asset support is the on-site exchange, which allows players to rapidly swap their coins for the equivalent in another digital asset (if supported by WixiPlay) as they please.

Regular Giveaways & Contests, Rewarding Players With Bitcoin

One of WixiPlay’s biggest benefits is the company’s decision to actively distribute Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to its committed players through giveaways.

Every week, the crypto company hosts simple social media giveaways of $25 to $50 worth of Bitcoin that can be entered into by simply retweeting and like their post, following their Twitter, and tagging two friends.

Adding to this, the site runs daily and weekly contests, which reward active users of the site; those that bet the most each day and week are subject to a reward paid out in Bitcoin.

For this week’s contest (as of the time of writing this), the individual that has bet the most will win 0.05 BTC ($400), while those under him in ranking will earn increasingly less but still a fair sum of Bitcoin, for a total of 0.1 BTC.

And to put a cherry on top, so to say — on a smaller scale, the bot moderating the chat runs “Rains,” which gives a number of lucky active members in the on-site WixiPlay chat a small value in crypto assets every 10 minutes. All users need to do to enter these small giveaways is to be active in the chat (as long as they follow the rules).

More information about the company can be found through the following links, which is also where you can contact their team further:




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